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Marias Vienna city tours with heartfelt countryside hospitality are an unforgettable way to see the classic side of Vienna; you’ll get to experience Vienna’s most brilliant landmarks and explore the attractions of the city centre

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From the Hofburg to the Cathedral

In the heart of Vienna! For first time visitors

First time in Vienna? The perfect city tour to get in touch with Vienna at first glance. Welcome to the city that represented the centre of power for the Habsburg family for over 600 years. The ideal tour for new arrivals. Experience imperial façades, horse-drawn carriages, the Hofburg Palace and St. Stephen’s Cathedral at the heart of the city. Find out more about the lives of prominent personalities and Vienna’s rich history. Learn to recognise the influence of the Habsburgs in the form of splendid edifices and residences. You’ll take a deep dive into the city’s past in an entertaining fashion and get a first impression of Vienna.

Hidden spots! Romantic alleyways and secret inner courtyards

Join us as we discover the hidden spots, romantic alleyways, secret inner courtyards and forgotten places around St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Unnoticed, fascinating details in the heart of Vienna. With its elegant and dignified air, St. Stephen’s Cathedral watches over Vienna. The old lanes and courtyards surrounding the “Steffel”, as it is affectionately known by locals, are still bursting with medieval charm. Discover the Viennese flair in enchanting interior courtyards, passageways through ancient buildings and courtyard galleries all around St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Fabulous Vienna! Myths, legends and stories

Wonderful Vienna! The ideal city tour to bring fables and legends to life once more. An ancient time that tells us a lot about the way we live today. During this mythical city tour, immerse yourself in one of the oldest parts of Vienna. Viennese legends and what they can tell us. Discover the legend of the “Stock im Eisen” (staff in iron), the “Zahnwehherrgott” (Lord of Toothaches), the Lieber Augustin and many other fascinating, fairytale-like stories and legends. Learn all about Viennese characters, secretive figures and the eternal battle between good and evil in the little labyrinthine and romantic lanes of Vienna.

The St. Stephen’s Cathedral!

Immerse yourself in the history of Vienna and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, at the core of the story of Vienna and its inhabitants. With a brief visit inside the cathedral. St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the stony, enduring witness of that which is everlasting in Vienna. Over a period of 800 years, it withstood fires, two sieges by the Turks as well as the French Wars, yet in the last few weeks of the Second World War, almost half of it was destroyed. But let’s start at the beginning…

The imperial crypt!

Here I lie! Here I remain! Discover a site of serenity and power, the last resting place of the House of Habsburg, which determined the course of life in the city for over 640 years. Join us as we descend into the family crypt of the Habsburgs at the Neuer Markt. Find out about the biographies of the most important Habsburg family members; strong women, weak men, extravagances and rumours of power. Nowhere in Vienna does the history of the Habsburgs come to life more than here in the imperial crypt.

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A true sample of an excellent tourist guide!  The atmosphere was so special and it felt to be around with a real local. The Highlight Tour was extremely good.




Maria is such a warm personality and highly motivated guide and I truly enjoyed walking with her. All respect for Maria who does a great job there.
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Dear Maria, thank you so much for the great tour about the hidden spots in the city Center of Vienna. Really enjoyed it.