The virtual live guided Vienna Nostalgia Tour

Back to the place of your memories in Vienna

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99,00 60 minutes


The Vienna memory tour! A piece of the past in the NOW


You wanted to go back to Vienna for a long time and it didn’t happen. No time ? Too old? Too late? No excuse, with the virtual Viennese-Nostalgia-Tour you can relive a piece of memory. On this tour tailored to you, you will go to places, streets and places that were once important to you. It is tailored to your wishes and requirements and on the personal Grätzl tour you will explore a piece of the past and find out what has been going on in the area in recent years.


Duration approx. 60 minutes

Video conferencing with zoom

Interactive, with Zoom you have the possiblity to ask questions directly or in the chat during the live streaming

Experience Vienna without traveling

Payment with PayPal possible